Sebastian’s Kitchens,
West Sussex

The man behind the name

Spencer McTear is the man behind Sebastian’s Kitchens (using his middle name for inspiration).  He has over 40 years of construction, building and project management experience.
Sebastian’s Kitchens uses traditional workmanship and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood, to bring your ideas to life and to create a versatile, unique kitchen and living space.

Why choose Sebastian’s Kitchens?

We are experienced in all aspects of cabinet making and kitchen styles and will work with you to create your dream kitchen – a place you want to spend time in.

What sets us apart from other kitchen companies?

Our number one priority is to create a wonderful handmade kitchen, that will be loved and lived in for many years to come.

We want to give you a living space that
will last through the generations

Our aim is to give you a hand-built kitchen that will compete with some of the ready-made, off the shelf kitchens on offer at the moment.

Experienced cabinet makers

Our team boasts vast expertise in every facet of custom cabinetry and kitchen designs. We take pride in collaborating closely with you to bring your ideal kitchen to life, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision and preferences.

Ideas and creative solutions

Our team has created many kitchens over the years, and they know from experience what works well. This includes storage ideas, colour choices and creative solutions to better suit the flow through your room. We love to talk through ideas and creative solutions for your unique space and enjoy the process of working with our clients to make their dreams come true.

Excellent traditional painters

We are proud to work exclusively with SSM Decorating – traditional hand painters with years of experience. Please visit SSM Decorating and view examples of their work, past projects and the accreditations they hold.

Company assurance and high standards

Finally, Spencer ensures that every job is completed to his high standards and your satisfaction. As project manager he will make sure that all work is carried out in a tidy, professional, punctual and thorough manner

Working together

The time is now!

Every year, Sebastian’s Kitchens takes on a limited number of projects and once these projects/dates have been booked, a waiting list is created for the next year.

Time and tide wait for no man’
Geoffrey Chaucer

Do not miss out on the opportunity for us to create your dream kitchen – your ideal, living space that will be used every day and is the core of your home – contact us today for an initial consultation.

Coming up with ideas

When thinking about expanding your kitchen space or renewing it, contact us as early as possible. We will arrange a visit, look at your existing kitchen and based on what you have and what you are dreaming of, we will talk through the possibilities and choices that you may not have thought of. Ideas about space, flow, colour and material can be used to make your kitchen a wonderful space.

Personally managed from start to finish

Our experienced team is your experienced team

Our team consists of experienced joiners, carpenters, cabinet makers, plasterers, tilers and builders, decorators so all aspects of your bespoke kitchen can be taken care of.

Spencer oversees the entire project from start to finish, from first concept to final brush stroke! You will receive a direct email and phone number so that you contact him whenever you need to or if you have any questions during the process.


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If you are looking for a beautiful, hand-built working kitchen that you can truly love and create magic in, at a price that is not going to have you falling off your breakfast bar stool, then contact us today to share your kitchen idea and vision with us.

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